Mr. Kyle’s passion for working with children and ability to ‘become’ one of them is exceptional... the impact of inviting their imagination into a full-blown character role-play is remarkable!
— Svetla Morrison


WATheatre Education
Theatre is play. Children constantly use their imaginations to create something out of nothing - a concept adults should embrace. Their lives are ones of theatricality and experimentation, discovering their world and themselves through play.

Using a play-based approach, Wandering Aesthetics works with students of all ages to develop their voices, their bodies and their imaginations in order to become more dynamic performers. Exercises are tailored toward each unique group of students, with the goal of creating a strong bond between participants while exposing them to an alternative form of theatre.

Storytellers at heart, Wandering Aesthetics’ classes are often framed as research into the art of theatre as storytelling. Students learn to craft their own stories as they dive deep into the tales of time.

–Mr. Kyle
Director of Education
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Summer Camps

Summer CAMP: Under The Big Top
Summer CAMP: The Jungle Book

For more information regarding upcoming classes or available scholarships, please email info@watheatre.com


Mr. Kyle

Kyle Jozsa Bio
Named the 2016 Akron Arts Alive! Award Winner for Outstanding Artist in Theater, Kyle Jozsa is the primary Storyteller and Director of Education with Wandering Aesthetics. He began his teaching career in 2010 with Weathervane Playhouse. Since that time, Jozsa has worked full-time as a preschool teacher, developed curriculum for traditional and non-traditional classes alike, and led workshops for students of all age groups throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond– working with organizations such as City Sprouts, Cleveland School of the Arts - Lower Campus, Countryside Conservancy, Crown Point, Firestone High School, The Goddard School, Junior Leadership of Akron, TACA, TransOhio and many more. Primarily focused on the sustained growth of Wandering Aesthetics, Kyle works part-time as a Teaching Artist for HBTI and The Artful Living Program out of Stark County. Jozsa, a member of Ohio Voices For Learning, continues to spread his play-based enrichment programs throughout the Akron area.

Read more about Kyle on the Akronist's website.


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